"Angela Manno has contributed to the Great Work in an astonishing variety of ways: her art, her Quaker faith, her activism against nuclear power, her teaching. All resonate with the message of human-Earth relations so transformed that Earth community is again a realizable goal."

Thomas Berry, eco-theologian, author, The Dream of the Earth and The Great Work

Angela Manno is an educator, writer, and internationally-exhibited artist who has been exploring the pattern that connects personal and planetary healing for over 20 years. She studied Earth Literacy at Genesis Farm and is a graduate of the School of the Spirit Quaker Ministry On Being a Spiritual Nurturer and serves on the board of the American Teilhard Association. She brings her many years of teaching the creative process as applied to daily life to the crucial work of Earth restoration.

Angela developed and teaches Eco-Spirituality & Action, a course that is based on her book in progress, Planetary Perspectives, containing interviews and essays by founders of a sustainable human presence on the planet, including eco-theologian Thomas Berry, practical ecologist Anna Edey, bioregionalist Kirkpatrick Sale and the late Leon Shenandoah, Firekeeper of the Iroquois Nation. This course, which was originally sponsored by Friends in Unity With Nature, was instrumental in the formulation of New York Yearly (Quaker) Meeting's Peace with Earth declaration. To enable others to teach her course, Angela is currently developing a DVD and teacher's manual. Many of the classes and workshops projected for the School of Living Arts will allow participants to explore in depth key topics introduced in Eco-Spirituality & Action.

Angela's art and teaching are dedicated to the vision of humanity and the Earth living as one, and "the Earth restored to her pristine Beauty and full regenerative capacities." To learn more about Angela as an artist and to see her award-winning art, please visit www.angelamanno.com. To read a sample of her writing, please click on this link. Her other loves are organic gardening, flower arranging, preparing herbal remedies and cooking for friends and students with ingredients from her garden and local farms. One day she hopes to be able to raise animals to enhance the beauty, productivity and pleasure of the grounds of The School of Living Arts.