The School of Living Arts for Creativity & Ecological Culture (formerly based in Crestone, Colorado), is a land based learning center offering classes, exhibitions, lectures, workshops and trainings that foster a values-based creativity and promote a culture that is in harmony with nature. 

The School of Living Arts stems from my search over the past twenty-five years for a pattern that connects personal and planetary well-being. Many discoveries over this time period have revealed one outstanding insight: That creativity is a discipline, an innate human faculty and the fundamental nature of the universe. If we are to meet the challenges that lie before us as a society and a species, we must develop our creativity based on life affirming values and learn to exercise it in a conscious and concerted way.  It is so important that it led the late Jonas Salk, renowned physician who discovered the polio vaccine, to say, "The mere recognition of the phenomenon of creativity is of the greatest importance to survival and evolution." 

On my quest over the years I have worked with many dedicated, innovative and visionary teachers, scholars, writers, poets, artists, therapists, spiritual nurturers and practical ecologists who are helping to lay the foundation for a sustainable human presence on the planet. The School of Living Arts will eventually host them all to share their unique gifts with the general public in an idyllic and tranquil environment. 

In addition to our plan to bring in internationally known figures, the School of Living Arts will draw from the rich human resources in and around the Columbia County/Berkshires area, hosting programs given by our extraordinary and talented neighbors. 

The course offerings and activities of School of Living Arts will focus on three interrelated themes:

• Creativity and the Arts
• Cosmology
• The Four Domains of Relationship

The latter subject heading refers to the four major dimensions in which we exist, simultaneously - the Intrapersonal; Interpersonal; Human-Earth; and Human-Source. 

Founder & Director, School of Living Arts for Creativity & Ecological Culture

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