I have thoroughly enjoyed the course you have given us. You presented the larger view not only of the ecological crisis we face… but also of the potential for the evolution of the human that our response to the crisis can inspire.

Our Friends in Unity with Nature Group have been "processing" The Great Work now for over ten years; we often got stuck in integrating how our personal lives were an intrinsic part of that cosmic story. You devoted a lot of the course to getting us in touch with our own evolutionary powers … how we might envision… and then move upon that transformed sense of our world and ourselves.

I appreciated how, although you had a vast agenda to cover, you took time to check in with us and find out our response to the readings and discussions before proceeding. I liked the format that began with the full group, but also broke us into smaller groups for a more experiential approach to the ideas. I approved very much of choice of prophetic voices: Thomas Berry, Brian Swimme and Joanna Macy... You have quickened my understanding of how my faith community could be a catalyst for the dawning of the Ecozoic Era.

Again thank you Angela!

—Ecospirituality & Action Participant, pilot program, Friends Seminary, 2007

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